A typical Dutch cloudy sky is depicted on the ceiling in this room. This is the work of Jan van Goyen.


The Cloudy Sky is a fragment of his painting View of Dordrecht from 1651. The painting is on display in Het Dordrechts Museum. For the purchase in 2008, a collection campaign called "Give Dordrecht its face back" was held. This resulted in an amount of 3.5 million euros, with which the painting could be purchased.


Jan van Goyen

Jan Josephsz. van Goyen (Leiden, 1596 - The Hague, 1656) was a Dutch landscape painter from the Golden Age. Van Goyen made many paintings of rivers, lakes, canals, dirt roads, dunes or beaches in the vicinity of The Hague, Rotterdam, Delft, Dordrecht, Leiden, Gouda, Arnhem and Nijmegen. He regularly painted winter landscapes, sea and city views, but never a portrait or still life.


In addition to his work as a painter, Van Goyen was also a speculator. In 1637 he was also infected by the Tulip Mania. He bought nine tulip bulbs for 90 guilders (about 1,000 euros by current standards) but  paid with two of his paintings. A week later he bought another batch for over 800 guilders, which he did not pay because the market collapsed. Van Goyen also developed into a project developer, being the owner of six houses.





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