A beautiful Italian landscape is depicted behind the bed in this room. This is the work of Hendrik Voogd.


The artwork is called "Italian Landscape with Umbrella Pines" from 1807. Voogd painted the gardens of Villa Borghese in Rome late in the afternoon: the sun casts long shadows and the trees stand out sharply against the sky.


Hendrik Voogd

Hendrik Voogd (Amsterdam, 1768 - Rome, 1839) was a Dutch painter and printer. Little is known about his life.


He stayed in Italy, where he made many drawings of Rome and its surroundings. Nevertheless, his paintings clearly show influences from his Dutch origins. He experimented with unusual lighting effects and lush foliage, and from 1806 livestock began to feature prominently in his drawings and paintings.


Some of his works can be found in the Rijksmuseum, including the painting in your room.




Hendrik Voogd Italiaans Landschap.jpg
Hendrik Voogd portrait.jpg